Prostate Cancer Treatment in India

High Intensity centered Ultrasound (HIFU) glandular carcinoma treatment is one amongst the foremost quickly growing treatment strategies round the world. HIFU could be a medical aid possibility for localized glandular carcinoma that will supply a balance between eliminating cancer and maintaining quality of life. HIFU in India offers a non-invasive different to the normal treatments for female internal reproductive organ fibroids. It combines resonance (MR) imaging with HIFU.

In India, Greek deity Hospitals was the primary to introduce the Philips MRI-guided HIFU. before this, existing treatment choices enclosed medication or surgical removal of fibroids. In distinction, MR-HIFU from Philips offers ladies a faster, non-invasive and precise treatment possibility.

According to doctors, the MR-HIFU system uses safe and centered ultrasound waves to heat and coagulate benign or cancerous growth tissue deep within the body while not damaging intervening tissue, and combines this with advanced treatment coming up with, steerage and temperature watching provided by Mr.

Preparing for HIFU

HIFU is sometimes done as a day-case procedure underneath general anesthesia. A anesthetic agent with blood vessel sedation is run before treatment begins. The patient can lie on his mitt aspect for the period of the treatment method. The robotic probe is roofed with a degassed liquid stuffed balloon. The probe is then greased and inserted via the orifice into the body part. The probe is positioned close to the prostate that the ultrasound treatment will begin.

Treatment Procedure for HIFU

Once the treatment arrange is complete, the shooting part of the treatment will begin. The prostate is treated in an exceedingly single pass with the lesion height vary from 19mm to 26mm (anterior-posterior distance). four hundred to 800 adjacent lesions area unit needed to hide the complete prostate volume.

The tissue within the targeted zones is destroyed with intense, very fast, extremely localized heat. every ultrasound shot is oval-shaped, activity up to 26mm high by 2mm or less in diameter. the method continues till all of the targeted area unitas are treated. reckoning on the degree of the prostate, the treatment will last two to two ½ hours.

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